About Andrea

Andrea knew her future would be in teaching at the tender age of 4.

Like her mother and grand mother before her, she thoroughly enjoys working with both children and adults and imparting to them an insatiable appreciation for music and the beauty in the world that inspires it. In her career that spans over 30 years, Andrea has encouraged hundreds of students through her teaching and adjudicating. As mother, teacher and adjudicator her goal is always the same...to inspire, to try harder, and to reach for the stars.

Music became her muse at the age of  7 when she attended her first musical performance. But it was when she attended a performance of the Vancouver Symphony at the age of 12, that she was truly mesmerized and there was no turning back. It was then that she realized that music had the power to allow you to experience many different emotions, and for her, it always transported her into a wonderful world of dreams where anything was possible.

Music became life, and life was nothing without music.

And so her journey began, pouring herself into music studies, always seeking the mentorship of Vancouver's finest pedagogues. A lifelong learner, she continues her regimented practice of repertoire to this day.

Andrea has recently discovered a new passion, and now divides her practice time with a new instrument. 

"The sorrowful sounds of the cello soothe my soul", is the reply to anyone who asks why she took up this new endeavor.

She teaches piano and theory out of her private Studio in Glenayre, Port Moody.